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This Speed Test PTCL is from Server located at PTCL Data center in Pakistan, This will give you speed from your home to PTCL Data center, which maybe as per SPEED LIMIT, which PTCL is offering to you.
If you want to see what is your INTERNET SPEED TEST, while browsing internet, then check 2nd Speed Test from lower part of page, this will give you exact Internet Speed Report

PTCL broadband packages

Broadband Upgrade 1Mbps to 2Mbps
FREE Broadband Wi-Fi
National Package (256kbps)
Broadband Student Bundle Package
Broadband 50MB VDSL
Public Cash Payment Machine
Broadband 2MB
Broadband Packages
Broadband 10MB
Broadband FAQs
Broadband WiFi
Free Email
Broadband Installation Guide
Broadband Student Package
Coverage Area

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